Vega Industries

Capitalizing on economic opportunties through social engineering and regulation

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Our Reach

We provide Rose City, U.S.A. with an entire INTERNET network ecosystem. Many local businesses seek Vega Industries to maximize their web presence to the entire world.

Commodity Transport

Commodity Transport

We're the leader in import/exports in Rose City. We provide superior service through our shipping infrastructure.



Vega Industries provides professional and private security throughout Rose City. Our trained professionals protect businesses from outside threats both seen and unseen.

Our Sub Divisions

Corporate Team


David Parkar

VP of Strategic Planning and Transportation

Nancy Martin

VP of International Sales and Planning

Diana Larry

VP of Business Support and Security

Erica Tumble

Senior Human Resource Manager

Larion Davis

VP of Web Development

Jaime Belmont

Senior Portfolio and Analysis Manager

Robert Wheeler

Senior Manager Urban Planning and Support

Maria Hall

Senior Commodity Broker


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